Friday, September 14, 2007

Check it out... I'm posting once a day!

That means you're really getting your money's worth here. So, to business!

Goals for this blog:
-Get Mistress K off my back (check!)
-Freak out the straights
-Freak out everyone else
-Remind Li'l P of his status as my bitch, early and often
-Provide an outlet for the Dark Rage that Consumes me

Topics this blog will cover (or will it?)
-Anarchy (politics, economics and ethics... you know the drill)
-The Family*, and Dynamics of same
-Airplanin' (flying, for those of you who aren't my 3-year-old nephew)
-Food and drink
-Computers and Geekery
-And whatever else happens to come up... BECAUSE IT'S MY BLOG! MINE AND YOU CAN'T STOP ME! hAHAhahHAHahahAHAA

*From Kirsten: That vaguely defined set of individuals somehow affiliated with the pro-freedom movement who may or may not be properly termed libertarians or some other related term.



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