Thursday, December 20, 2007

Countdown to the Return to Anarchy...

Mistress K has a Great Idea! An idea which, shamelessly stolen from her, I've implemented at the top of the sidebar to your right.

The timer is counting down the days until Sept. 4 '08, the last day of the Republican National Convention when, presumably, those former non-political libertarians will lay aside their "Ron Paul Revolution" signs and return to being anarchists once again.

I, of course, have my doubts, cynic that I am. Political action is a drug, and after mainlining it for a couple years, I think many libertarians are going to be hooked. I also suspect we'll see some sort of "Write-In Revolution" attempt after Paul fails to receive the RNC nomination.

Also, I imagine many, after their "successes" with the Paul campaign (with the "Money Bombs" and all), will be politically reinvigorated, and will rejoin the LP with a renewed hope in political means. I bet Carl Milsted and his ilk will latch on to the Paul "successes" too, and cite them as an example of the superiority of moderation. Heaven forbid we see a surge in the LRC as well as the LP, but it's a distinct possibility, considering the underlying moderationism that seems to be a primary tenet of the libertarians-for-Paul movement.

Anyway, I'd be a bit sickened to see a herd of libertarians rubberbanding back to anarchism with the failure of their experiment in political action... It's supposed to be a philosophy of principle, not expediency.

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